Installing Additional Software

To install additional software, follow this guide as we install a great open source video editing program called “Open Shot”. You’ll need to have started your machine with the Unsafe Browser enabled, an Administration Password setup, and a pre-configured Persistent Storage Drive setup. If you have not yet configured Persistent Storage, follow the ORCHID Basics guide first, before going any further.

To get started, make sure you are connected to the internet (top right corner, click the “⌄” icon for WiFi and other Settings) and then launch the Synaptic Package Manager from Applications >> System Tools >> Synaptic Package Manager.

Once the application launches, look for a button on the left side labeled “Sections” which will let you browse available software by genre. Either select “All” at the top of the list, or scroll down and select “Video Software” from the list above the button labeled “Sections”. Then, browse the software on the main panel and scroll down the list until you see “openshot” in the column labeled “Package”. Once found, click on the empty box to the left of the Package labeled “openshot”, and then confirm the decision by pressing the button labeled “Mark”, to mark that software (and all packages it relies on to function) for installation. Note, it will likely install multiple packages, this is normal and supports libraries which share common functionalities and are more frequently contributed to by developers.

Once selected and marked for Upgrade/Install, you will need to apply the changes. Click on the button labeled “Apply” at the top of the page on the left, then confirm the decision in the pop-up Summary dialogue box by clicking “Apply” in the bottom right corner. The files will then proceed to download, which may take some time if installing larger applications. You will notice the system automatically Install the software, which can take a different amount of time based on the processing and write speed of your local device. Once the whole process is complete, restart your computer to see the changes take effect. Upon restart, once you unlock your persistent drive, the applications will be installed. It may take some time after starting your machine for the packages to fully install, please be patient.

Find your new video editing application, Open Shot, by tapping on the “Super” key, which is the “Command” key on Mac or the “cmd” key on PC (typically one of the keys would to the left of the space bar).

Now you know how to find new packages. Adapt this guide by browsing the selection of packages on the Synaptic Package Manager, and install new ones which interest you using the same process as above.

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